openSUSE 13.2: Day-1 troubles and troubleshooting - VLC, wireless etcetera

Spent a considerable amount of time yesterday, configuring the system to my liking. Installed Virtualbox and VirtualBox Extension Pack to run the various virtual machines I have. Installed VLC hoping to watch a couple of movies during the weekend. Had a wonderful time installing wireless Broadcom BCM43228 driver.

Wireless troubled me again. I have not automated the loading of the wl.ko driver which I compiled yesterday using Broadcom sources. What I do is:

sudo modprobe lib80211 sudo modprobe cfg80211 cd sudo insmod ./wl.ko

I tried loading the wl.ko driver using modprobe but wireless did not work. Do not know why. Need to learn more about it.
Well, wireless worked once the drivers were loaded. But today wireless stopped working. I was not able to connect at all. The NetworkManager notifier provided a list of available connections. So, wireless driver was fine. I removed the wireless connection from the NetworkManager UI and added it again by filling all required values. Wireless is back in business.

With wireless troubles decimated, I tried to launch VLC. No matter what file I chose, I was greeted by errors only. The codecs were missing. So, I did the following:

sudo zypper in vlc-codecs

Now VLC has got rid of its dementia. Maybe, I will go ahead and watch a couple of movies.